Borehole System Development

KMS Technologies' staff has been involved in developing many geophysical systems for land, airborne, marine and borehole applications. Our present company focus includes ElectroMagnetic (EM) systems such as Magnetotellurics (MT) and Long Offset Transient ElectroMagnetics (LOTEM or Lotem) systems, both land and marine as well as borehole EM systems for LWD and geosteering applications.

Our long term vision is to take these technologies in the permanent water/ steam flood monitoring market. On this path we have developed various products.

Deep reading borehole TEM

KMS Technologies, with one of its clients, is presently developing a deep reading borehole TEM (Transient ElectroMagnetics) measurement system for geosteering and well placement applications. Based on strong positive results from a study of the value of single-well deep reading technology, a research project was initiated to develop borehole TEM-based methods that would allow imaging of surrounding formations up to 50 meters or more with excellent spatial resolution. Engineering studies to understand the technical challenges and to assess the feasibility have been completed. Based on those studies, a test instrument was built to demonstrate sensor and signal-to-noise (S/N) capabilities. This instrument will also be used to address the characterization and solution of key problems specific to LWD implementation. The borehole TEM system can obviously be integrated with other methods, including other LWD measurements, surface seismic and surface EM. Our patent portfolio in this area is strong and extensive.

Through Casing Resistivity

We already have developed a strong patent portfolio in support of other projects and are seeking a partner for hardware development. We have filed various patents allowing us to develop a Through Casing Resistivity Logging tool. Several have already granted and several more are anticipated. Our design strategy is based around fully digital, multi- sensor acquisition, which will eventually yield a moving through casing resistivity logging tool.

We also have completed Feasibility design for a 3D surafce-to-borehole system with full THROUGH CASING capability.

We are presently seeking interested parties to develop this technology. If you are interested in this or other products please contact us at or call us.