CSEM 3D-modeling, interpretation & software services

KMS Technologies started CSEM modeling originally with ModEM. Since it is mostly being used for magnetotelluric data and CSEM requires anisotropy, we were fortunate enough to  integrate 3D EM Holding  3D modeling code called MAXANIS.

MAXANIS was developed from a pedigree from CGE in Moscow after the various authors left Moscow. MAXANIS was developed independently by Dr. Davydycheva, who is now a partner in KMS Technologies. It is widely used by major oil field service companies and one of the most accurate and flexible codes in the industry

KMS provide software licensing, modeling services or allows the Customer to run it on our cluster in Houston (via INTERNET)

The program has many applications that can be seen in our flyers or below.

INQUIRIES: email to info@kmstechnologies.com

Software licensing:

MAXANIS come as time or frequency domain version. Several different modules exist depending upon application.

MAXANIS module name



- frequency or time domain

Borehole version for vertical, highly deviated and horizontal wells

Licensing & services

Logging Time Domain
- frequency or time domain

Borehole version for vertical, highly deviated and horizontal wells

Licensing & services

- frequency or time domain

Surface-to-surface for land or marine applications

Licensing & services


Surface-to-borehole and borehole to surface includes surface-to-surface

Restricted services

3D modeling services:

This includes usually running of 3D models and can include complete interpretation. As these are custom projects they depend totally on the each project.

We have done projects for several major oil and service companies including Aramco, Baker Hughes, BP, Shell and PTT.

Running 3D modeling on KMS cluster:

For this the Client would either buy or lease a license. Included would be training and support until the Client can run the models directly himself on our cluster. The Client would receive a small monthly charge for the CPU time used.


Following is the list of references. For Clients & Associates and students in our training programs we provide these for self-study purposes.

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