Customized Geophysical Systems

KMS Technlogies designs custom geophysical systems. In most cases, we modify existing commercial systems to suit our Client's needs, but are capable to design completely novel systems, as required.

Examples of commercialized systems are:

  • MR-ML(tm) mud logging NMR system
  • KMS-820 array acquisition system for microseismic and electromagnetics
  • KMS-5100 geophysical transmitter for EM (100 and 150 kVA)     
  • KMS-5100 geophysical transmitter for EM (100 and 150 kVA)
  • KMS-888 shallow borehole receiver (KMS-888 data sheet)

Custom projects and their status were:

  •       Single well look-ahead and around the bit (carried out toproof of concept)
  •       Surface-to-borehole monitoring (so far  past prototype lab test), design 2nd prototype
  •       Marine multi-component cabled system (built and tested 1st commercial prototype)
  •       EOR monitoring with CSEM (Feasibility to short field pilot)