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KMS-810 Acquisition Transmitter and Receiver Controller

The KMS-810 acquisition transmitter and receiver controller was developed to provide GPS synchronized timing signals to control the KMS-500 marine transmitter. Software is provided which allows data recording and real-time waveform monitoring. If more data channels are required multiple units can be used since all units are synchronized via GPS. Data is matched including starting time and system clocks. The KMS-810 is a cost effective system that delivers high quality acquisition of data.

Land EM applications:
· EM transmitter synchronization and monitoring
· System response recording (time domain and induced polarization)
· EM survey in array configuration
Marine EM applications:
· Transition zone transmitter and monitor
· Source controller and environmental  monitor (current and one field component)
Land seismic applications:
· Seismic survey of subsurface structure for hydrocarbon, minerals and geothermal energy exploration
· Passive microseismic monitoring for regional and local seismic activities
General lab measurement applications:
· Calibration of land coils
· Electrode long term stability study

System specifications

Number of channels 2
A/D resolution 24 or 32 bit
Signal bandwidth DC to 400 Hz
Sampling rate 65 Hz to 1 KHz
Input impedance 10 M Ohm, or adjust to specific application
Input signal level -2.5 ~ +2.5 V
Gain Up to 10,000, adjust to specific application
Timing control GPS synchronized
Data saving and retrieving PC or handheld unit
Data monitoring USB
On-board temperature measurment Yes
Power supply External +5 Vdc
Temperature rating -30° to 70° C
Additional interface Optional digital interface to accomodate additional cutomer timing and digital interface requirements