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KMS-850 Data Acquisition Station

The KMS-850 Data Acquisition Station (DAS) is developed for EM (ElectroMagnetic) and seismic applications to obtain subsurface resistivity and velocity structure for oil and gas exploration. It also can be used in general purpose acquisition and long term monitoring services.

The acquisition station has up to six channels of 24-bit low noise, low drifting input. These channels are sampled simultaneously and synchronized with GPS. In addition, KMS-850 has expandable GPS synchronized digital interface for additional customized timing requirements. The data is saved on a SD card and can be streamed via USB or a wireless network for real-time quality check purpose. The windows based software is provided for real-time status monitoring.

The difference between KMS-850 and KMS-820 is the isolated channel modules.  KMS-850 is equipped with isolated channel modules while KMS-820 is not.

System specifications

Number of channels Up to 6, isolated channel modules
A/D resolution 24 bit
Signal bandwidth DC to 40 KHz with two low pass filter settings (default 500 Hz and 40 KHz, can be adjusted), additional low pass filter with half of the sampling rate is implemented inside 24-bit sigma-delta A/D
Sampling rate Up to 312 KHz
Input impedance 10 M Ohm, or adjust to specific application
Input signal level -2.5 ~ +2.5 V, with ground or actively driven shielding provided
8 Gain with AGC Up to 10,000, adjust to specific application, with 8 gain setting with AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
DC offset removal Each channel has its own 16-bit D/A to remove external DC offset
Timing control GPS synchronized
Wireless network Long range wireless up to 8 Km (5 miles) depending on terrain or unlimited with relaying mode
Data saving and retrieving Data is saved to SD card; the files can be retireved from SD card or directly copied to PC through USB mass storage mode without removing SD card
Data monitoring Data can be read back through USB port or wireless network for real-time waveform dislplay and quality check
On-board temperature measurment Yes
Power supply External +6.5 ~ 30 Vdc supply or directly from USB of computer
Temperature rating -30° to 70° C
Additional interface Optional digital interface to accomodate additional cutomer timing and digital interface requirements
Enclosure Waterproof, compact, lightweight, and impact resistant