EM Technology

KMS Technologies focusses on complete system solutions which include hardware, software and  training. We also provide 3D interpretaion software and access to our cluster for those clientsthat do not have their own.

In addition, KMS Technologies provides boutique land and marine non-seismic (electromagnetic and gravity) acquisition services to the oil and geothermal industry. With our new hardware and relationship with global acquisition contractors we handle any number of magnetotelluric (MT) sites per year and one special projectcrew. Marine systems/surveys are done as collaborative projects. In this area, KMS has patented technology.

Electromagnetic methods describe the Earth’s resistivity from shallow to depths as great as 6 km. They include natural-source EM (magnetotellurics, MT) and controlled-source electromagnetic (tCSEM™ for marine, and Lotem for land applications).

As a technology company, we usually provide training services or work with alliance partners in the oil and geothermal industry. We offer land magnetotellurics (MT) and Lotem data acquisition, EM data processing and interpretation services, including 3-D magnetotelluric (MT) data inversion. Integrating magnetotellurics (MT) with seismic has significant benefits in basins where seismic imaging is challenged by overthrusting salt or basalt.

Our track record as KMS Technologies (our staff has extensive prior experience on five continents)

  • Largest commercial sub-salt imaging survey in Germany 2002

  • Advisory land MT survey in Libya 2006

  • First commercial tCSEM™ survey for major oil company

  • 2-D and 3-D geothermal survey in Iceland 2007

  • 2-D and 3-D MT/gravity surveys in Hungary since 10/2007 that resulted in successful geothermal well discovery

  • 3-D Geothermal survey  in Milos, Greece 2009

Please visit our Technology Library (Info Archive) and Press Releases for updated information on this work.

KMS Technologies is in the training alliance with FACT Company. To learn more about FACT, please visit fact-corp.com