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CSEM (Lotem)

1-Dimensional forward modeling software for CSEM

Lotem-Suite is a software package developed to perform 1-dimensional (1D) Controlled Source ElectroMagnetics (CSEM) modeling. LOTEM is a Time Domain Electromagnetic method (TEM) which uses grounded electric dipole sources for detection and delineation of resistive features in the subsurface.

The LOTEM method can also be used for:

  • Mapping thin resistive layers, e.g. hydrocarbon saturated layers
  • Determining conductive structures, e.g. geothermal anomalies
  • Sub-basalt and sub-salt imaging
  • Complete scanning of the subsurface from shallow to deep structures

Features of LOTEM-Suite include:

  • Multi-component calculations
  • Multiple parameter variations for single layers
  • Spreadsheet data editors with Copy & Paste
  • Spreadsheet model editors
  • Multiple display features
  • ASCII File Export of data  & models

Licensing and Distribution

LotemSuite is distributed as copy-protected software. The software can be downloaded and it works fully during the 30-day evaluation period. After the evaluation you are required to purchase the package in order to continue using it. Purchase price is $999.00 plus shipping. License is offered with your choice of USB or Parallel key.

Licensed Versions

Licensed users can obtain e-mail support by sending requests for assistance, bug fixes and feature enhancements to Please include the serial number, version number and attach the files with which you are having problems to your e-mail request.

The newest version can be downloaded from this website and will work with your licensed hardware key.


Option 1: Please print out the order form included with the install and FAX to +1 303 278 4007 or use your own purchase order form to furnish credit card, billing and shipping address information, amount and cardholder name with signature.

Option 2: Use the following link to fill out an order form online.