Permanent Sensors Technology Development

KMS Technologies' staff has been involved in developing many geophysical systems for land, airborne, marine and borehole applications. Our present company focus includes ElectroMagnetic (EM) systems such as Magnetotellurics (MT) and Long Offset Transient ElectroMagnetics (LOTEM or Lotem) systems, both land and marine as well as borehole EM systems for LWD and geosteering applications.

Our vision is to take these technologies in the permanent water/ steam flood monitoring market. On this path we have developed various products. These products cover:

  • Hardware products for magnetic and electric field measurements: EM permanent sensors
  • Demonstration services for oil companies and geothermal producers:


EM Permanent Sensors

Together with various alliance partners we can provide full permanent or semi-permanent EM monitoring of water/steam flood from the surface or borehole or borehole-to-surface.

KMS Technologies has invented a system for mapping changes in fluid content of Earth formations which can be used where there is little acoustic impedance contrast between moved fluids, where the moved fluids are relatively electrically resistive, and which does not require permanently placed sensors in substantially every wellbore drilled trough a reservoir.

KMS developed in the past gravity technology but dropped this effort due to the long lead time-to-market and the fact that rock density is included in the seismic impedance, and in most cases the use of seismic is recommended.  From this effort we develop a spin off product Hole-o-Grav which you can see in the software section of this website.

While we can operate with little acoustic impedance, the integration with seismic is key to our overall direction of linking fluid and porosity monitoring with the exact location in the three-dimensional space. If you are interested in this or other products please contact us at info@kmstechnologies.

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