KMS Technologies' staff has been involved in developing many geophysical systems integrated into the 3D seismic data cube for land, airborne, marine and borehole applications (FOR OVER 30 YEARS). Our present company focus includes ElectroMagnetic (EM) systems such as Magnetotellurics (MT) and Long Offset Transient ElectroMagnetics (LOTEM or Lotem) systems, both land and marine as well as borehole EM systems for LWD and geosteering applications.

Our goal is to integrate ALL OF OUR PRODUCT with SEISMICS: from acquisition to processing and interpretation. The land EM system based on the array acquisition system. KMS 820 are all integrated with microseismics ideal for monitoring application. It is extended to marine and a shallow borehole system. Our surface-to-borehole system integrates with one of Sercel's borehole seismic systems and data acquisition can be done by just adding our EM hardware to the downhole assemblies. All system are also integrated with our marine EM acquisition system. In 2016 we added 3D modeling capabilities. In 2017 we integrated more 3D (inversion and modeling) and in 2018 we combined product, training an commissioning into MT-Easy hand-on course as start of technology transfer.

Our long term vision is to take these technologies in the reservoir monitoring market (permanent and semi-permanent). On this path we have developed various products. After more then 10 years of feasibility studies, the workflow for this leading to a pilot is now complete (Data sheet). We carried out an initial pilot.

In 2008, through a joint venture between KMS Technologies and the the Lviv Centre of Institute of Space Research (LCISR), the Laboratory of Electromagnetic Innovations (LEMI) was founded to focus on the development and production of high quality electromagnetic (EM) sensors for the geophysical industry. The KMS version of the same numbered product usually has enhancements by KMS included.

While we still have mixed analog/digital system (because electromagnetics is very sensitive to electromagnetic noise), our ultimate goal is to provide low power, high quality fully digital sensors. (FIT-FOR-PURPOSE). Our system are planted to bridge this technical generation cycle.

Please see also our: our Overview prochure