ModEM: 3D MT/CSEM inversion
 MAXANIS- 3D anisotropic forward modeling for land, marine and borehole EM  MAXANIS for logging
 Hole-o-Grav: 3d borehole & surface gravity modeling
 IX1D: TEM marine/land modeling/inversion
 Lotem-Suite: Feasibility software

SERVICES descriptions

 3D interpretation services  
 Integration of EM and Seismic
 Reservoir monitoring
 Land EM survey feasibility studies
 CSEM 3D modeling    



Software Products & Services

Many of KMS Technologies' projects have yielded unique software and software applications. Some of these products are distributed via software companies in order to ensure the best possible customer support.

Please use the links on the left or below for information on the software products and derived services:


ModEM: 3D MT/CSEM modeling/inversion written by Dr. Egbert. Modular EM package for modeling and inversion of land and marine MT and CSEM data. This software can also be run on KMS cluster either by the user or by KMS staff as service to the Client.

MAXANIS: 3D anisotropic modeling package for land marine and borehole application

 MAXANIS for logging: 3D modeling for wireline and LWD logging: ALL logging tools

Hole-o-Grav: 3d borehole (& surface ) gravity modeling to couple with reservoir monitoring or as stand alone package

IX1D: TEM marine/land modeling/inversion software to interpret marine time domain data.

Lotem-Suite: Lotem feasibility software for land and marine CSEM.