MODALL package from Exploration with Deep Transient Electromagnetics book (Strack, K.-M., 1992). This is DOS based software from the Elsevier book. The file Modall_WindowXP.pdf with Additional instructions in how to run MODALL in Windows XP is enclosed in the zip-file.   [286 KB]

Hole-o-Grav is a premier software package funded and guided by KMS Technologies for interpreting borehole gravity data, and is distributed and supported by HarbourDom GmbH and Interpex Ltd.

Hole-o-Grav Setup.exe [3.56 MB]

Our IX1D-Marine software is a 1-dimensional (1-D) DC Resistivity, Induced Polarization, Magnetotelluric, TEM and Electromagnetic sounding and inversion software. The marine version is exclusively sold by KMS Technologies.

IX1D performs forward and inverse modeling in terms of a layered earth with resistivity for most sounding methods (DC, FEM, TEM, MT, EM Conductivity). IX1D can hold many soundings in its database.

Lotem-Suite is a software package developed to perform 1-dimensional (1D) Controlled Source ElectroMagnetics (CSEM) modeling.

LotemSuiteSetup.exe [2.23 MB]

KJT Enterprises has developed the SPW Spectral Power software module. The SPW Spectral Power is the most comprehensive spectral decomposition software tool on the market and is capable of integrating the conventional and novel spectral decomposition transform methods. The software consists of many pre-transform processing modules, implementations of four different transform methods and many post-transform processing modules. This software is distributed by KMS Technologies, an authorized agent of Parallel Geoscience Corporation.